Benzoylglycine (Hippuric acid)

Name : Benzoylglycine (Hippuric acid)
CAS : 1205-08-9
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Description :

Benzoylglycine (Hippuric acid)

Synonyms :

  • Benzoylamino-acetic acid methyl ester
  • Glycine, N-benzoyl-, methyl ester
  • Methyl (benzoylamino)acetate
  • Methyl N-benzoylglycinate
  • Methyl ester of hippuric acid
  • Methyl hippurate
  • N-Benzoylglycine methyl ester

Molecular Formula :


Physical Properties :

Appearance : NA
Refractive Index : NA
Molecular Weight : 193.20
Boiling Point : NA
Melting Point : NA
Density :
Surface Tension : NA
Vapour Pressure : NA